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Our School

Welcome to Roger Sherman Elementary School!

Our school's vision:

At Roger Sherman, we create a positive and challenging learning environment where students feel inspired, supported, and understood. We do this by facilitating a safe and mutually respectful school community that values risk taking, high expectations, and involvement of all stakeholders. We strive to optimize opportunities for students to grow emotionally, socially, and academically, and develop confidence to reach their full potential, now and in the future.


School Hours

  • Full Schedule Days:
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:55 AM - 3:20 PM
    • Thursday: 8:55 AM - 2:50PM
  • Early Dismissal Days: 8:55 AM - 1:20 PM


Anita Gennaro

Assistant Principal:
Andrew Hutchinson

Health Services

School Nurse